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How I Found 100% Natural Relief Correcting My Painful Bunions Without Surgery

If my story can help just one person quickly get this relief rather than going through the pain I’ve endured, then it’s worth it for me to talk about my bunions.

Amelia Ava | Sunday, December 04, 2023

It all started a few years ago, right before my 50th birthday. I didn’t do anything about my bunions for 5 whole years.

By that point, I was in constant pain from my bunions. It was to the point that I could no longer ignore the problem.

What was I ignoring? Oh, just the unbearable pain, and the newfound ugliness of my feet. They looked like they’d been swapped for troll feet somewhere in the night.

Yes, I’m fully aware that I’m not 20-something anymore. But I’m still not old enough to have feet that look and feel like this, right?

I started by shopping for shoes. Afterall, what woman doesn’t love shoe shopping? But none of them could provide me with the support and relief I needed. I added those inserts to the shoes too and that did nothing.

I’d stick my feet in a bucket of ice and take over the counter pain medication. My feet still hurt and they were wickedly ugly. In hindsight, perhaps I could have gotten them on TV as a foot double for a haggard old witch. 

I stopped wearing sandals and getting pedicures because it felt like putting lipstick on a pig. Hiding my feet was the only solution I had, but I really couldn’t stand the pain. It interfered with everything I did.

That’s when I finally decided to go to a podiatrist.

“You’re going to need surgery,” he told me.

Not only was this surgery expensive, but it would take a long recovery time. And there was no guarantee that it would even fix my bunions. 

I was at a loss and didn’t know what to do. 

But all that would change when I went to visit my brother and sister-in-law.

To be honest, I really didn’t want to go, but my husband had planned this trip for us months ago. And with all the snow we’d been having, I really couldn’t wait to escape to somewhere warmer.

My husband’s sister and her husband are nice enough people, but I didn’t want them to know about my feet.

Once we arrived, they rolled out the welcome mat and asked us to take off our shoes when we got inside. I couldn’t help but notice that my sister-in-law, Lucy, had on these strange socks.

And by strange, I should clarify that they didn’t have weird images on them. They were these low-profile type of thin socks you’d get when trying on shoes, only each toe was separated.

Honestly, I didn’t mean to stare. I didn’t even realize I was doing it until she said, “Aren’t these socks wild? They’re strange, but they have completely corrected my bunions.”

I stood there, my mouth open, unable to make a sound. She had bunions too?!?

“Oh Susan, haven’t you ever seen bunions before? These socks are a godsend. They came in a kit with a bunion corrector and special shoes that help prevent bunions. I’ve been using them for several months now and my doctor says I don’t need surgery anymore.”

“YOU have bunions?!?” I finally cried out in absolute disbelief. Her feet didn’t look like she stole them off a mythological creature.

And that’s when I burst into tears. Lucy comforted me, ushering me into the kitchen while she made me some tea.

“Tell me what’s happened,” she said earnestly. So, I told her. I told her everything I was going through with the bunions and how my feet hurt so much, it was all I could do to try to ignore the pain. 

“It’s the only time I’ve been happy about winter because no one can see my feet,” I sobbed.

Lucy excused herself for a moment, then returned with a strange contraption, a pair of shoes, and a pair of toe-separating socks just like the ones she had on.

“Wear these socks while you’re here and see what you think. They’re by Sockalign, and while they are amazing, the Bunion Relief System they have takes a holistic approach to correcting bunions and relieving pain. It comes with these toe-separating socks, a patented bunion corrector, and bunion correcting shoes.”

For a second, I wondered if it could really help. If the Bunion Relief System could help Lucy though, I thought, why not? So I started using it. 

In a matter of minutes, I had no foot pain.

Lucy told me more about the Bunion Relief System while we finished our tea. She pulled up the website so I could take a look in greater detail. The system was developed by doctor and medical professionals with the intent of naturally correcting bunions and relieving foot pain all while preventing further bunion growth. 

The bunion socks keep toes separated to properly align the feet, which I was already seeing first-hand how effective they were. Lucy explained that the bunion corrector had an adjustable knob that allowed her to correct the angle of her feet which really helped get rid of the bunion pain. 

The bunion shoes are meant to prevent the micro tears caused by tight shoes. Bunions are formed through consistent micro tears from restricting shoes such as heels and tight fitting sneakers. The bunion correcting shoes have a soft padded interior and the upper portion is stretchable and wide to fit all types of feet. She put them on to show me how they look and let me feel them. They were stylish and you would never have known they were for preventing bunions.

“Look, Susan, my doctor told me the same thing about needing surgery to correct bunions. A woman at our church did the surgery and she’s still having problems with her feet. I tried this Bunion Relief System and now my doctor is saying I no longer need surgery,” Lucy told me.

I decided to give it a try and ordered the system myself. Luckily, it was delivered the day after we returned from our visit. 

4 weeks later, my feet had improved tremendously.

I was no longer in pain and I could see my feet realigning and looking more like the feet I’d always known rather than the feet of a monster.

When I bought the Bunion Relief System, they were running a sale. Now there’s an even bigger 55% off discount that makes this entire bunion-busting set cheaper than going for podiatry treatment. 

If you’re suffering from bunions, don’t wait any longer. Get Sock Align’s Bunion Relief System to have all the tools you need to get back on your feet!

The Bunion Relief system is usually $194.95, but for a limited time you can get it for 55% off with the link below! 

Customer Reviews

"I bought the bunion relief system for my 73 year old mother so she could stretch out her toes every night. She loves them and wants another pair. She says they real work to straighten out her toes as she is getting older."

Dori T.

"I really enjoy all 3 products! I wear the corrector at night right before I go to bed and they feel so good and relieve a lot of my foot pain. It’s a hurt so good pain if that makes sense. I only wear them for about 30-45 minutes before I go to bed but it helps with my Morton's neuroma pain. Then during the day I wear the shoes and align socks, life changing!"

Lynne R.

“Love this whole bundle! They fit well, work well. Will buy again when these wear out.."

Lenore F.