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Here’s How I Finally Got Relief from Foot Aches and Numbness in My Toes

I was about to give away all my pairs of high heeled shoes.

Amelia Ava | Sunday, January 15, 2023

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never been stellar at taking care of my health. I’m the kind of guy that has always run myself ragged over the years.

And it really seemed to be catching up with me. 

On top of that, I have a job that has me on my feet all day long. 

That’s why I really didn’t think much of it when my feet would hurt. But something changed. I started getting this weird pins and needles sensation in my toes. 

It was so bad that even I, the man who avoids going to the doctor at all costs, went to the doctor.

And I didn’t even need my wife to drag me there. I went on my own accord. 

Yes, it was THAT bad. I’d take pain relievers, get massages, soak my feet in that foot tub my wife uses to pamper herself…all of it.

I was contemplating getting a desk job when I heard my name called at the doctor’s office. He asked me a bunch of questions, checked me out, and said that my neuropathy (the thing that was causing the numbness in my feet) was only going to get worse.

The doctor advised surgery and I winced. I knew I shouldn’t have come here!

If only there was some other way to help my feet. I sat in my car for a while after that before driving away. I was scared and I felt helpless.

As I started the drive home, my friend Brandon called out of the blue. He was breezing into our city and wanted to meet up. I hadn’t seen him in a while and I was relieved for the distraction.

We met up at a sports bar and he started telling me how he had gotten into a horrific car crash. He had no severe injuries, or so he thought initially, but it turned out he had some nerve damage. 

Then he went on about YOLO – you know, “you only live once,” and he said he just decided to go see the world for a while. He backpacked through Europe and Asia, and even went to the Australian outback for a bit. 

I was captivated by his adventures and then it struck me. How could he even do this with nerve pain? I’m glad I asked because if I hadn’t, I’d never have learned the secret for finding relief of my foot pain and neuropathy. 

The Tale of a Strange-Looking Sock

At first, Brandon didn’t say a word. He simply kicked off his shoes under the table. He was wearing these weird looking socks. He said they were Sock Align Compression Socks.

“My mom got them for me before I started traveling. She worried about circulation on the plane and thought they might help,” he explained.

Apparently, they offer medical-grade compression to your feet, improving blood flow and circulation. Plus, they take the pressure off the nerves there which kept him from having that tingling and numbed feeling. 

“These worked so great that I ordered a whole bunch of them,” he told me. In his bag, he had an additional pair he had never worn. “It’s my backup pair I bring just in case. Take ‘em, you’ll love ‘em.”

I didn’t think much of it until later when my wife asked me, “What are these?” I thought about what the doctor had said about surgery and how Brandon had been able to travel over several continents without issue after having a severe injury that impacted his feet.

I decided I had little to lose here so I told her about the lunch, then slid them onto my feet. 

Do These Compression Socks Really Work? I Put Them to the Test!

I had an epiphany…I thought I’d try out Sock Align’s Compression Socks and see if they really worked. So when I put them on and then put on my shoes, I devised a plan that I’d log my results over the next month. 

The socks really are strange to look at, I’ll admit. There’s no toe portion to it so it slides over your foot open-ended. But when you’re wearing sneakers, they look just like regular socks. 

So, did they work?

Day 1

On the first day, I’ll admit they felt odd wearing them with my toes exposed in my shoes. But after a few hours, I forgot that I was wearing different socks. I felt pretty comfortable, in fact.

Day 2

By the second day, my feet didn’t hurt as much as they usually did. Also, I had no instances of numbed or tingling toes at all. 

Day 7

After a week of wearing these socks, I’m moving around much more and even going for walks without wincing in pain or cutting them short to come home and sit down. 

Day 14

After 2 weeks of wearing these weird compression socks, I realized that I haven’t taken any pain relievers. And even after a long day on my feet, I’m not feeling the aching, throbbing pains like I used to. There’s also no more numbness. 

Day 30

I’m amazed at the difference these socks have made in my life. I’m walking with improved posture, I have no pain in my feet and they never go numb anymore.

But the biggest surprise was yet to come.

I had to go to the podiatrist again for a follow up. He was shocked at the improvement, even more so when I told him I’d started taking tennis lessons with my wife – something I never thought I’d agree to. I actually love it, but the best part is that my feet don’t hurt or get all weird and tingly anymore.

I am so thrilled with these compression socks and I’ve never felt better, all thanks to Sock Align. 

My Final Thoughts on Sock Align Compression Socks...

Compression socks are nothing to be embarrassed about, but you definitely need a pair like these. The way they’re designed, the help through gentle compression while relieving pressure on the nerves. And while they look weird, no one will ever know when you have a pair of shoes on…unless you wear socks with sandals and who does that?!?

Hurry and get yours – they keep going out of stock so check the availability and get as many as you can. You’ll thank me for this, just as I now owe Brandon a huge debt of gratitude. 

Customer Reviews

"These socks are great no more buzzing and pins and needles while walking or standing."

Larry H.

"I’m not diabetic but I do have neuropathy & swelling of my ankles. The socks are amazing! I like them!"

Jason S.

“Have worn mine for 3 days now and they make a difference. Not a magic wand but it keeps my foot from swelling and it's comfortable too."

Adrian M.