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My Rheumatoid Arthritis Made My Feet and Toes Scrunched Up Until I Changed This 1 Thing

I never wanted to show my feet to anyone anymore until now.

Amelia Ava | Sunday, January 15, 2023

Getting older is full of changes for your body. I knew this, of course, and most of the things that were creeping up on me couldn’t be seen.

That is, until I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Which at first, I could hide.

But when it started revealing itself in my feet and toes, it became much harder to disguise.

Now in my mid-50s, I didn’t feel old, but my feet were starting to look the part. I was becoming embarrassed to show them at all with my hammertoes.

On top of that, the pain was unbearable. 

I’d feel it under the balls of my feet, and no shoe I wore could save me.

My doctor sent me to a podiatrist who told me I should have custom orthotics made. He scribbled something on a pad and handed it to me. His writing was as scrunched up as my toes!

I stared at my closet full of shoes and felt sad at that thought of giving them all away. How could I ever wear them again? All those strappy shoes and pretty sandals just waiting for the warmer weather. 

I thought I’d never be able to show my feet in sandals again.

But something changed a few months ago. Our former neighbors who we’d been so close with had invited us to their housewarming. They’d decided to downsize and move to a neighborhood of lovely townhouses.

When we arrived, I brandished my gift of a bouquet of flowers and wine as we were welcomed in. 

Then the most horrific thing happened. 

“We just got new carpet installed so please take off your shoes,” Madelaine and Steve told my husband and I. 

Jerry simply kicked off his shoes and wandered blissfully into the home. I stood there paralyzed with fear. 

I was wearing sneakers with thin socks. I knew if I took them off, everyone would see my hideous feet. 

Madelaine noticed that I was still standing in the foyer. “Well, come on, Carrie! The food’s all in here and I made those meatballs you always rave about and…” 

But now I couldn’t control myself. Tears poured out of my eyes and I bolted out the door.

“Carrie! CARRIE! Where are you going?!?” Madelaine darted out the door after me. I tugged desperately on the car door, realizing then that Jerry had the keys.

I turned around and there was Madelaine, looking confused and a little hurt. We were such close neighbors and friends. But I didn’t know how to tell her about this. 

“Hey, listen, whatever it is, it’s OK. I’m here for you,” she hugged me. 

Finally, I blurted, “I can’t take off my shoes. I’m sorry! My rheumatoid arthritis has made my toes look ugly and my feet hurt all the time. I’m so embarrassed and I don’t want everyone to see my feet and be grossed out.”

She continued to hug me, patting my back all the while and said, “I understand that a lot more than you’d think. Let me show you something.”

On her phone, she pulled up her pictures. She scrolled and pointed. “These are my feet.”

They looked like MY feet! The hammertoes, the scrunching, just the same!

“Well, they WERE my feet. I started wearing these weird socks with separate toes and they changed everything.”

I stared down then at her feet, in cute sandals. They did NOT look like the feet from the photos anymore.

“But how could socks…” I started but she shook her head.

“Come back inside. I had ordered a bunch of them and haven’t worn a couple pairs yet. I’ll grab them for you and get you some fuzzy house slippers to put on over them so no one will see.”

I followed her back inside, the whole while wondering how a pair of socks could help me when orthotics, inserts, and pain medications did nothing at all. But once I put on the socks, I began to understand what Madelaine was talking about. 

These weren’t ordinary socks.

They were extraordinary, and I say that because my feet felt instantly comforted by them. They had a weird design with separated toes and while they looked like they wouldn’t be comfortable at all, I couldn’t believe how much better my feet felt. 

I wore them home and for the first time in ages, my feet didn’t hurt me all day long. I decided to order my own. Madelaine had said they were called Sock Align so I looked them up and placed my order. 

In just weeks, my feet were looking better.

They started being less scrunchy and they didn’t hurt anymore. I wore my Sock Align socks every single day for months. Then I went to the podiatrist for a follow up appointment.

“Did you get those custom orthotics? Your feet seem to be much better,” he said looking things over.

He was amazed that I hadn’t and that these socks had helped me instead. Soon after, I learned that he was recommending them to his other patients and I was so happy I could lead others to better foot comfort and correction. 

Why I love Sock Align…

While they look like they’d be uncomfortable, they are probably the most comfortable socks I’ve ever worn. I often forget I have them on when I’m about to shower!

You can wear them under ordinary socks too and the material doesn’t make your feet feel hot or sweaty. 

But the best part is that the pain I was experiencing in my feet is gone and my toes have straightened back out again. I am no longer embarrassed to show my feet, and when we went to Madelaine and Steve’s last week for a pool party, I was happy to show mine off. 

Trust me, if you have RA and your feet hurt and your toes are looking misshapen, grab a 5-pack of these and you won’t be sorry. Right now, they’re on sale for a limited time at 60% off too. Don’t miss out!

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Customer Reviews

"Better than I expected. I have hammer toes, due to bunions. These are the most comfortable socks I have ever worn. They keep my toes from rubbing against each other, this causing blisters and calluses."

Ria P.

"Wearing these socks around the house and while I sleep has really help alleviate my foot pain!"

Jenna D.

“I bought these because I have hammer toes and PT recommended I get them to help keep my toes apart."

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