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Nothing Helped My Plantar Fasciitis Until I Tried These Strange-Looking Socks

Being on my feet all day became unbearable to the point that I thought I could no longer do what I loved…until now.

Amelia Ava | Sunday, January 15, 2023

When I was in my mid-20s, I had a desk job that I hated. I showed up though because my husband was in medical school and we needed to pay the bills. A few years later though, he finished and went into his specialty.

Seeing my misery, he told me to leave that job and that I didn’t have to work anymore. But I wanted to work, just not that soul-crushing desk job.

I found my true calling as a museum guide a after that. I was on my feet all day long but I loved it. I got to spend each day talking about the exhibits of one of the biggest museums in our city.

Now I’m 55 and all those days of being on my feet have taken their toll. My husband recommended that I have them looked at, so I went.

The doctor told me it was plantar fasciitis. And he said if I didn’t do something about it soon, at my age, I’d wind up with hip problems.

He said I was no longer walking correctly to compensate for the pain. 

And I was left to wonder how I’d be able to do my job.

The museum has been one of the best things to happen to me. I know it’s not a job everyone dreams of, but for me, I get to talk about my favorite subject – history – all day long with anyone who will listen.

And believe me, when people go to a museum, they WANT to listen.

My husband listens to me too, but after a long day of surgeries, I don’t want to burden him.

I felt like I was carrying this to myself, and I knew if I didn’t do something soon, I’d never be able to keep doing the job I loved. 

My feet ached as soon as I got out of bed. Yet, I’d force myself to keep moving. But it was soon hard to hide. 

My boss asked me if I’d rather sit in the admission booth selling tickets instead.

Hearing that crushed me, and I was determined to find a solution that would help me carry on with what I loved doing.

On my follow up with the doctor, I asked him what else I could do besides rest and stay off my feet.

“Well, we could schedule surgery…” he began.

“NO! Please! Isn’t there anything else we can try?” I begged.

“Actually, yes. I received a few samples of these socks,” he said. He opened a drawer and brandished some of the strangest socks I’d ever seen. They were thin and low-profile, like the kind you might keep in your bag when you go try on shoes. But these had separate toes. 

“I was asked to give my opinion on them in regards to their performance for my patients. They may help if you wear them daily. If you agree to that, I’d love to have your input, whether they’re helpful or not.”

I was willing to try anything to stay on my feet. 

So, I took the socks which were called Sock Align. The doctor told me to take notes about any changes I noted, good or bad.

I began wearing them every day and I noticed something immediately. They were incredibly comfortable, which surprised me. I mean, a design like this with separate toes just looks like it wouldn’t be, but I’d wear them all day and feel great.

I could put them underneath ordinary socks too. 

But with each day that passed, something incredible happened. The pain in my feet stopped. The doctor had told me the reason he wanted to test out these socks was because it has been found that keeping toes separate can be helpful for plantar fasciitis. 

2 weeks later, my foot pain was gone.

I put Sock Align to the test by staying on my feet all day at the museum. It was the first time in ages that my feet didn’t hurt at the end of the day. 

Diligently, I took notes about how my feet felt. And then, I returned for another follow up with the doctor.

“These socks are amazing,” I told him. I explained how wearing them alleviated my foot pain, that I no longer woke up with that stabbing pain in my heel and that I could stay on my feet all day without my feet aching.

In the next few months, it was clear that I was no longer going to need surgery for my feet. Every day, I wear these strange socks by Sock Align and I do not have any more problems.

I’ve since ordered my own and even sent them as gifts to family that were complaining about their feet.

My husband is also amazed at the difference these simple socks have made in my life. 

Even better, Sock Align is on sale for a limited time. 

I’ve been sharing my story because there are so many people like me on their feet all day. And we love what we do but not the pains that come with it. Everyone I’ve told about Sock Align has seen improvements in the way their feet look and feel. 

So when I went to share the link recently, I noticed they’re selling a 5-pack of these amazing socks for 60% off. I’m not sure how long the sale will last but if you have plantar fasciitis and your feet hurt from standing all day, you need these socks now!

Customer Reviews

"I have had plantar fasciitis for a long time. Some things aggravate it. I try to wear shoes that don’t bother it. These socks were very soothing. I even wore them to bed! My feet feel so good when I wear them. Thank you."

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"vThese socks are perfect for plantar fascitis I am able to walk and function without pain!"

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“These socks are great. They provide good support in all the right places. Myfeer are very comfortable when I wear them. I would recommend these to anyone needing good foot support."

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